RolleChim's design and manufacturing experience in fixed bed tubular Reactors Packages starts in year 1948, when Albino Rolle (founder of the company) delivered tubular Reactors for Phthalic Anhydride (PA) process with round-section tubes instead of those times commonly used square-section ones. RolleChim was also one of the first companies in year 1956 supplying salt-bath cooled Reactors instead of Mercury cooled ones.

RolleChim equipped Reactors with external Pump for molten salts until the '70s; then, due to continuous improvements of catalysts performances, RolleChim changed molten salts flow circulation system from the external to the internal side of the Reactor, so achieving more homogeneous salt patterns, safer Reactor operation, and a better optimization of Reactor's overall volume/mass and manufacturing costs.

Today RolleChim fixed bed tubular Reactors reached the ‘State of the Art’ for which concerns the internal molten salts circulation system, so operating every Reactor in the safest possible condition at high feed concentrations.

RolleChim Reactors are verified by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for all those parts which are deemed to be critical from the mechanical point of view.

RolleChim Reactors are operating for more than 40 years worldwide. Material selection is made according to the highest quality standards and in accordance to relevant End User specifications.

Self-containment design of RolleChim fixed bed tubular Reactors is also available on request.

  • Fixed bed tubular Reactor are available for the production of the following chemicals:
  • Phthalic Anhydride;
  • Maleic Anhydride;
  • Acrylic Acid;
  • Acrolein;
  • Methionine.

1956 - PA 2,748 tubes

1976 - PA 15,000 tubes

2006 - MA 20,100 tubes

2008 - PA 13,476 tubes

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