"Simplicity is the key to brilliant Engineering"

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RolleChim is an Engineering and Main Contractor company skilled in development and supply of technologies, equipment and turn-key plants for the fine chemicals Industry.

Company's main process technologies, sourcing from more than 50 years of operation experience, are about the production of Phthalic Anhydride (from o-Xylene, Naphthalene or their mixtures) and its main value added products, such as PVC Plasticizers (i.e. DOP, DBP, DINP, DIDP, DOTP, etc.) and unsaturated Polyester Resins. Technologies for the production of Maleic Anhydride, Formaldehyde, UFC 80-85, Fumaric Acid, Alkyd Resins, Acrylic Resins, PVA and Sodium Silicates are also in RolleChim's Know-how.

Partnerships with top ranked engineering/construction companies lead RolleChim to assure the highest standards of any supplied components and provided services.

Technical Solutions

Process Technologies

A wide range of Best Available Technologies (BAT) in the field of Chemical Industry

Engineering Services

Fully Customized Engineering Solutions developed by XyPross division

Chemical Plants

From green fields to start-up through RolleChim Experts and Supervisors

Proprietary Process Equipment

Tubular Reactor Packages

Complete Technological Solutions for Catalytic Oxidation Reactions

Switch Condensers

State of the Art for desublimation of Phthalic Anhydride from reaction Gas

Drum Flakers

ATEX and Dust-tight Solutions for a wide range of Chemicals

Value-added Systems

Skid Mounted Solutions

Compact Design and Cost-effective Engineered Lay-outs

Plant Management & Automation

Most effective and reliable Solutions ready for Industry 4.0

Environmental Protection Packages

Environmental Regulations achieved by State of the Art Technologies

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