The right philosophy in Plant Management and Automation is the right approach to optimize any plant operation. For any project RolleChim shall give to End User all possible and feasible options for a safe and reliable plant management.

Fast response and quality of the service is of utmost importance on process control and automation systems, for such reason RolleChim cooperates with company SASAutomation S.r.l. (, one of the most important and valuable companies for software and hardware solutions in the field of process control systems and automation.

By means of the partnership with SASAutomation all design and manufacturing steps about electrical and instrumentation activities to be implemented in the technological scheme of a chemical production plant can be followed from A to Z, with the possibility to supply full systems for control cabinets, marshalling cabinets, local control panels, pneumatic panels, MV/LV transformers, MV/LV power centre and distribution cabinets, MCC command cabinets UPS systems, as well as everything about electrical supply, such as cabletrays, control and communication cables, junction boxes, lighting equipment, and about supply, erection, hookup, testing and commissioning of instrumentation and valves.

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